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Our pricing is based on a variety of factors and is dependent on the unique requirements that certain students may have about their papers. The factors that we apply to base our prices are academic level, number of pages, the urgency and the type of paper that the student needs. The reason why we have priced the papers differently is because of the level of expertise that it takes to write the paper. Our writers who are assigned papers of a doctoral level are those who themselves have completed the doctoral level and will be able to write the paper. We believe in entrusting papers to those who are above the level of education that the student pursues.

Papers that are required immediately with a great sense of urgency will be charged more than a paper that has a more relaxed deadline. It is understandably difficult to find a writer who will be able to finish the paper in short notice which is why it is charged at a nominally higher rate than the others. The type of paper also has a bearing on the way it is priced. A research paper cannot be priced the same way that a dissertation is priced. Both take a different type of expertise and effort to complete and are therefore priced differently. We however do not charge our customers for the drafts that we provide for every order. A draft is something that a customer will receive after placing the order. It will be sent immediately and will give an idea as to how the final paper will be written. This is a free service from Essay Captains.

When it comes to the pricing of academic papers, it is very important that the student realises the economic behind the process. Usually the more expensive the service, the more it is trusted. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Expensive services are not more trustworthy than those that offer affordable essay writing services. We are an affordable service and vouch for the fact that our customers are arguably the most satisfied. Our most important investment is in the writers that we employ. Since the papers are entirely their creation the prices have been tailored to suit them. We also offer discounts to our regular customers and for referrals.

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