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Original essays with Plagiarism report:

We do not supply prewritten essays. Every single one of our essays that we supply is written specifically upon the request of the customer. On account of this our papers will be original and relevant to the requirements that have been requested. Our writers are well aware of the impact that a plagiarised paper can have on a student’s life. None of our papers will have any instance of plagiarism. In order to be sure of the quality of the papers that we supply, we have a plagiarism checker that we use to check whether any of our papers have any plagiarised content. It is as effective as the ones that are used by universities worldwide. The similarity index will be far less than what is deemed as acceptable by the universities. This report will accompany every paper that is sent.

Money back guarantee:

We are confident that the papers that we send to our customers are of high quality. Having said, that we will ensure that our customers will get their money back if they are genuinely dissatisfied with our services. It is our endeavour to ensure that the customer is always satisfied and will go out of our way to ensure that. The customer will not be forced to go through a traumatic refund process as the money for the paper will be in escrow and will be transferred as per the speed of the banking process.

Free unlimited number of revisions:

We realise that sometimes our papers may not seem satisfactory to the customer. Before opting for the refund we also have a process whereby we offer revisions of the papers. The papers will be rewritten by the same writer or a different writer as per the wishes of the customer. These revised papers will be sent to the customer immediately for feedback. The revision process is free of cost and regardless of the number of revisions that are requested by the customer, no extra charge will be made. Revisions will be made till the customer expresses satisfaction with the finished paper.

Qualified writers:

Our writers are our strength and asset. They are well qualified individuals, many of whom have PhDs and post graduate degrees in their field of study. Every paper is sent to the writer who has specialised in the particular field. The writer will be in constant contact with the customer and send timely updates about the progress of the writing process. Since they have been in the field for so long, the writers will be able to write properly referenced papers in the referencing style that the customer requests. They will also be updated as to the changes in any referencing style.

A reliable customer support system:

Our customer support staff is committed to providing the information that our customers ask. Our customers will never have to waste time on unresponsive staff. They will go out of their way to get the information relevant to the customer’s query. They will also be available at any time of the day.

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