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What not to mention in Essays?

Essaysform a key source to learn additional things about you like the initiatives taken previously, potential for personal growth,explorative curiosity, and ability to optimize workin a situation, enthusiasm, motivational skills andwillingness to take risks, for theadmissions committee. They are interested in your personal qualities you might add to the campus community such as leadership skills, self-confidence, team-work abilities, senseof humor, friendlinessandstrength of character.

However your essay, shouldn't venture out of the norms of decent taste, and here are some aspects that are must to avoid.


A good college essay may beconflictcentered such as family lawsuits, or bouncing back from low grades. But your essay should never have elements of negativity. Even a negative phrase such as, “Inspite of the absence of educationalbackground in the family..." may lead to loss of impact of the essay, showing insight and maturity. Insteadof blaming others, hold yourself responsible for the mistakes you have committed and express your efforts to overcome them.


It is advisable to steer clear of anything that gives a wrong impression about your past or present. Even if you have had a remarkable turnaround from drug addiction or life around after jail, stay away from these topics. Controversial political topics and assertions that can be misinterpreted should be avoided. Sincethe person reading your essay are unknown to you and you are unaware of their political stands or beliefs, sharing your perceptions can be risky and may not be as impactful.Arguing in favor of specific approaches is acceptable to an extent, for example, emphasizing the importance of value education in schools, but you should only do it as a belief not to influence the reader.

Arrogant Tone

Your essay is meant to highlights your skill set and achievements, but going over the top can cost heavily. Avoid seeming to be boastful or showcasing yourself as a perfect candidate. This might look fake to admissions officers and gives an impression of you lacking of humbleness and self-realization. It is better to focus on humility, how the strategies you've used to overcome weaknesses and setbacks has been an outcome of your life teaching you valuable lessons. Also mention skills you've learned or adopted from observing other people.


The essay is meant showcase your personal side, but it is not needed that all details about you are revealed. If you include an account of a chronic illness or disability, do not get into the minute details of the medical treatments involved. Adding unnecessary asides about the conversations you had with your friend or disagreement you had with your mom. Instead of that, Focus on the main aim of the essay and examplesof your peer or parental support should be mentioned.

Cliché Elements

Volunteering in camps, old age homes or spending a couple of weeks in a school in Africa, are the most cliché things that judges come across too often. They see many essays of the same type. Not only is it difficult to stand out from the pack, but these experiences are often more about the experience than about you. So weave a story or conversation about yourself that doesn’t look predictable or cliché.

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