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How to make a thesis interesting beyond theoretical content?

A thesis is an incredibly long written document and going through it for finding relevant information can be troublesome. However, a Thesis paper/document can be made interesting so as to make reading the paper a better experience.

Proper Organisation

The thesis should be properly divided into sections in the order of; Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Findings/Observations and Conclusion/Discussion. It should also have reference tools such as Index, Appendices, Bibliography etc. Furthermore, every ideas or point discussed should be in separate paragraphs, or else only two inter-related points should be included in a paragraph. This helps the reader to find relevant information quickly while going through the thesis paper.

Accurate Appendices

A thesis paper is used as a reference source for many academic studies. For a reader who is looking for specific information, he/she does not have enough time to go through the entire paper. Thus, appendices come in handy for searching keywords. Using appendices the reader can easily find what he wants to refer from the text. Thus, accurate appendices benefits the readers.

Multiple Illustrations

A thesis paper is an outcome of advanced research studies. Its content is complex and difficult to understand for a person without expertise in that field. Hence, to broaden the scope of the readerships, the text is made more comprehensible by the use of illustrations. Illustrations are used in demonstrating the aspect in discussion for the easier understanding of the reader. The visual and statistical illustrations must be included in the appendix only.Thus, use of illustrations motivated the reader to read more.

Catchy Abstract

The thesis abstract is the first essay that is a part of the paper, and is the first impression the reader gets from the paper. An informative and catchy abstract plays a part in luring the reader to read the rest of the paper.

Creating a suspense element in the Introduction

If in the introduction, while describing a particular section of the paper, leaving an element of suspense leaves the reader curious. Thus out of curiosity the reader tends to find answers by going through the rest of the paper.

Language Used

The fact that the reader will go through reading the entire paper also depends on the language used in it. A reader will be more interested in reading communicative language i:e a text that talks to him/her. Thus, the language must be simple enough, but not as much that the Thesis paper looks unprofessional.

Thus, while writing a thesis paper it is not essential to only have good content or research to get good content to make it interesting. This establishes that the level of readership/interest generated also depends on extrinsic factors beyond content.

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