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How to write a Statement of Purpose?

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is your personal statement about who you are,things that influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and your future career plans. The SOP for a University requires to mention the reason for applying to that University and choosing a particular major or specialisation.

It is highly recommended to start with the explanation of the choice of major/specialisation. You must begin from the very background of the subject in which the major lies, mentioning its influence in your life. To showcase your definite interest in the major you should relate it to your past experience and achievements relate to it. It is also important to mention your involvement related to that major in activities apart from regular school/college curriculum, for example; MUN in Political Science, Research Projects for Science disciplines etc. You should also mention why knowledge of that major is beneficial to the human society. Link the subject matter with its practical influence in today’s world. Lastly, the most important inclusion is how you plan to pursue further studies/career in that major, stating both short term aims and long term ambition, and expressing that you have confidence to fulfil it.

The choice of university/college requires lesser explanation than the choice of major. However, it cannot be neglected either. You should refer to the institution as a learning space, a base for exposure and holistic development. It is not just a centre of academics but a sea of opportunities to develop a strong future. It is also necessary to mention the how good faculty, resources and infrastructure the college/university has for pursuing the choice of course.Add the benefit that the campus community will get by your addition to it i:e how your inputs will benefit the knowledge cycle developing at the university. Do praise the reputation and campus of the college/university but make sure that you don’t get flattery.

Apart from these inclusions one should also keep in mind the following guidelines while writing your SOP:

1. It should not repeat anything mentioned in your resume or other information available from the application form.

2. Individuality should come through to the admission committee in anSoP, so it should be self-written.

3. It should answer the essay question in the form ofan honest account (Eg. What course you want to study? How to do you think studying this subject will be of benefit to the society and so on)

4. Any content that is embarrassing, highly personal or emotional should not be included in any case

5. A valid point to include in your essay is details ofhow did you overcome tough family circumstances,anillness, or a deficiency.

6. It should be different from the Admission essay even if your additional involvements have been academic.

Since, the SOP is a very important document and can determine the future of the candidate, it is very important to proof-read it two to three times. It is also recommended to get it verified by others before submission of the application.

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