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How to write an essay seeking admission through Sports?

Sports play a key role in shaping of personality of a person. It builds many qualities such as leadership, team spirit, mental toughness etc. in a person. Thus, many universities give consideration to a good record in sports, in their admission criterion. Thus, it is a recommended practice to give an account of involvement in the admission essay. At times it is even part of the essay question.

However, some universities/colleges do offer a quota of the total seats to sportspersons who have excelled in their sport. For applying through this window, usually a separate essay is required. The number of seats are very few in this criterion. On the other hand, the number of sports as well as top achievers are way too many. Hence, an essay is used as medium to select the best of applicants.

The essay should be viewed as an opportunity to convey your passion for sports to the admissions committee. The essay is much more than your achievements in the field of sports. This is because every applicant will have a strong record. To make your application stand out of the rest, it is important to make sure that you describe how being a sportsperson will help you to contribute to the university.

This kind of essay cannot be narrated as a story, but as an autobiographical excerpt. This is the best way to express your passion about sports. This way you can actually exemplify the completeness that comes to your routine with practising sports and how it helps you break away your mindfrom all worldly connections. It should be shown as more of a resource than just an element in your life.

You should link this to the time when you started to develop an interest in sports. Then you can elaborate how sports which was once only an interest developed into a crucial aspect of your life. It is recommended to go on mentioning how sports helped you evolve as a person. It was not just evolution but self-realisation and discovering your potential.

You can discuss about the following impacts of sports on you:

  • Gaining Soft skills such as determination, confidence etc.
  • Creation of strong bonds and friendships
  • Overcoming Insecurities
  • Marked Improvements in physical fitness and gaining excellent body control.
  • Fuelling Ambition
  • Learning to overcome challenging circumstances and overcome all obstacles in the path to excellence.

It can actually be very difficult to express your feeling or even express the importance of sports in your life. However, once we let ideas flow into the essay the composition builds on once the structure gets defined. Thus, it is required to zero down on a format and introspect as primary essentials for an essay.

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