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How to write an Essay on Sensitive Issues?

An issue is termed to be sensitive in context to cultural or social backgrounds if they are personal in nature, potential causes of stress, believed to be sacred, or arouse emotional stimulus. Presenting your opinion or argument on such issue can be very volatile and is prone to censorship. Thus, it is required to be very careful while writing such compositions.

Narrowing down on the thesis statement for this type of an essay is further more challenging. It has to be ensured that its meaning is unambiguous and conveys a positive message for the society. Once the thesis statement is narrowed down, you should begin your research. Even for an opinion based article it is essential to state opinions supported with facts. Since, such essays get a lot of audience, it is necessary to make sure that the information furnished is accurate. This requires detailed research. It must be made sure that any data/information is either from a very reliable source or generated from self-conducted investigation.

The research may yield to the collection of large number of facts, but one has to be very specific while choosing out of them for the essay. It can be possible that the chosen topic does not seem sensitive initially, can turn out to be sensitive during the course of research. In an essay on a sensitive issue, a broadly fixed format is pre-characterisedand followed.

At first the discussion is conceptualised with regard to the thesis statement.

Next is the defining of the issue and the assessment of factors it is surrounded by; cause, effect, history, measures to stabilise etc. This section should also include the relevance of the topic under study, its importance and implications in daily life.

This is followed by a brief analysis of the safety concerns surrounding the issue. This could include both the concerns; relating to the victims and the activists or researcher. It considers both physical and psychological impacts.

The fourth element is the literature review. It goes around evaluating texts on the same issues, presenting and highlighting useful suggestions.

This is followed by your interpretation from the various findings from your research and the literature review. It can include personal opinions, but they have to be backed with research outcomes or account of experience.

The last element of this essay is the conclusion. This should focus on the learning process that occurred during the research process. It should mention how this composition would help in understanding the issues and battling it efficiently. Your own opinions or solutions should not be included in this section.

Important precautions for writing an essay on a sensitive issue:

  • No community, group or section of the society should directly or indirectly be targeted through the essay.
  • Any statement regarding a socio-economic controversy or conflict that might cause political threat should be secluded from the essay.
  • The essay should not mention any example of a harmful illegal activity.
  • The research process should not psychologically disturb a victim during the process of interviewing.

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