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How to write a Thesis on an Experimental Research Project?

Everythesis is a research report. The report concerns a problem or series of problems in your area of research, your efforts towards solving it, your interpretation of the meaning of resultsobtained, description aboutpreviously known facts about it, and where or how further progress in this research can be made.

As stated by ehow.com, “The purpose of a thesis paper is to identify an issue, establish what your stand is on a particular aspect of that issue, and to present compelling evidence in the form of interview quotes, statistics, comparative studies and detailed analysis that support your position.” However, in an experimental research, mainly in natural sciences, each evidence is self-obtained through experimental procedure and relating it to similar previous work.

There are four components to every thesis paper. They are:


Introduction structurally frameswhat the paper is going to be about, but without summarizing it. It can be described as“presenting as a dynamic "hook" to get the reader excited/curious/challenged by your material and to serve up an arguable, even controversial point.” As stated by ehow.com

Statement of the Problem

The sentence that captures the main idea or the central message of a research paper (Thesis) is called a Thesis Statement. Thesis statement should be as clear and specific as possible.

Definition of Terms

It’s purpose is to familiarise the reader with the necessary technical vocabulary and also convey your understanding of the subject.

Thesis Abstract

It should be a distilled product of the thesis i:e a precise description of the problem(s) addressed, the methodology adopted to solve it/them followed by your results and conclusions. It should contain minimum one line on each of these.

  • Theoretical Framework
  • Methodology
  • Type of Research
  • Outcome of Research
  • Co-relation with Related Studies
  • Significance of the Study

It is an elaborate detail of the tools, equipment and all other inputs used in the experimentation process. It also contains information determining the choice of methodology and the chronology of proceeding the experimentation process. The reasons should be mentioned in a broad spectrum to enable better understanding.


Each step in the experimental process gives some outcome or observations. These observations are noted and tabulated as findings. Every set of observations gives some direction to the research.


The result is the culmination of the indications of each observation set. It also includes comparison of this result to previous work in the same field to draw a definite conclusion.

A very necessary element that needs to be discussed towards the end is the Scope and Limitations.

The major limitations lie in the accuracy and precision of the experimental process. Even after observing necessary precautions some error is bound to creep in. Error that might occur in the comparative study used to draw conclusion should also be mentioned.

The scope of research is the way the same or similar research can be taken forward to give more accurate or diverse result through better experimentation.

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