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How to write anEssay related to Promotions?

Such a composition can be a part of the introduction of a dissertation or a stand-alone essay itself. Its agenda is to describe the relevance, importance, need and other aspects related to promotions.

Promotions are basically methods that a seller uses to reach out to a consumer. Their aim is not only to maximise revenuebut to develop relationships with consumers as well establish their brand value.

The essay should begin with the definition of promotions and proceed to the understanding the word promotion gives. This should be followed by determining the subject matter you want to include. Promotions are a very broad spectrum topic and it is advisable to cover a particular aspect of it in an essay or explain it from a particular viewpoint. The information that is intended to be shared in the essay, should be mentioned in a brief and concise manner in a single sentence. This is known as the Thesis Statement, around which the entire content of the essay revolves.

The thesis statement is included towards the end in the introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph gives the reader an overview from the term Promotion to the Thesis statement. It acts as a bottleneck to channelize the thoughts of the reader towards the point you intend to make.

The main body of the essay contains details about the aspect of promotions under discussion. Firstly, its importance should be discussed. It means, what makes that particular aspect, such as Discounting, as a promotional tool so important that an essay is being written on it. This can include the psychological impact of this method on buyers and their usual response to it. You should analyse both the impact of the method on total revenue and customer relations. For example; employing the promotion method leads to increase in customers, thus boosting the sales. However, there is cost incurred for the promotion. Also, after increase in sales, only consumers who like the product/service will return. The promotion tactic can be called successful if total profit increases or number of customers in the long run increase.

The aspect of promotion being discussed should also be evaluated on the basis of cost. Every business entity has a primary objective of profit generation, it is necessary to analyse cost before a particular promotion is employed. It needs to be made sure that the revenue boost generated due to the promotion should atleast cover the cost of promotion or else it would lead to losses. It is recommended to use some statistics that show the effectiveness of this promotional tool. This should be followed by listing the pros and cons of the method. However, if the essay is intended to increase the use of this tool, then its disadvantages should not be mentioned.

The conclusion should summarize your analysis on the promotional tool. It should include what kind of firms and what scale of firms can be benefited by the use of this promotional tool. It also must be mentioned that at what stage such a promotion should be employed. Apart from this, some recommendations for the usage of this method for promotion should also be mentioned.

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