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How to prepare before writing an Admission Essay?

College Admission essay is one of the most important compositions that one writes in their lifetime. This essay is particularly critical because college determines your career to a great extent. Admission essays require appropriate and precise content within a short word limit, which makes it quite a challenge.

So to ace writing the admission essay, it can be useful if you go about doing the following preparations beforehand:


Think about anything and everything that is a useful skill or ability about yourself. Involve others into thinking about you. Brainstorming is actually a technique where simultaneously ideas related to a particular topic, are pitched in by a number of people. Brainstorming with closely known people can prove to be very effective. The foremost skills or qualities mentioned by others are the ones which are most noticeable and should be included in the beginning of the essay. It is a key method to generate ideas for any type of composition.


Analysing your past is called retrospection. The mind is just like a Hard Drive, nothing ever gets lost. Think what all you have done over the years. Note all productive activities that you have been apart of except mainstream academics. However, the past doesn’t refer to early childhood. Since, people do tend to evolve with time, in an essay details from only a last few years should be included. Gather evidences

Each and every pointer written in the admission essay can be cross-checked by the admissions committee. Certificates, LoRs, Documents, Marksheet etc. should be present as evidence to support the courses you have taken or your achievements. Try to mostly include thingof which you can present evidences. While you mention your qualities, you should think of examples to illustrate them. Also, if you mention any rare quality then it should be definitely be backed up with an account, where that quality got employed.

Talk to others

This is different from brainstorming. It includes talking to people who know you, but not very well. These people who can be classmates, neighbours, relatives etc. may observe you regularly but might not interact as much. A conversation might help you realise something about yourself that you were earlier unaware of.

Create a Structure

Admission essays are better presented as a story narrative to engulf the reader. Since, an admission essay is a detail about you, and you are different from everybody else, a particular format used by someone is not likely to suit your essay.It is important to determine in what way you want to go about narrating about yourself. Practice “Spin a yarn” with your facts multiple times. It will help you determine the appropriate pattern of storytelling for your essay.

Get Feedback from a Psychologist

This is the least recommended practice and should only be used if you are excessively short of content for your essay. A psychologist uses tests and other methods to analyse your mind, and can help you discover about yourself.

It is a commonly known proverb that “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Likewise, preparing before writing an admission essay works as a foundation for the essay to build on. It eliminates any hiccups that may occur while writing, and thus ensures the flow in writing required for a good essay.

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