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How to write a Marketing Dissertation?

The biggest challenge in writing a dissertation to come up with a terrific topic. This is necessary in any discipline, including marketing. Under marketing, good prospective topics for a dissertation can be categorised as.


The importance of creating and promoting a company's brand has become so very important today. Businesses, and even individuals (celebrities etc.) are always on the hunt for ways to defy competition using high-end branding and promotional activity. Views on realistic aspects related to branding form good dissertation topics.


Direct marketing dissertation topics can be varied. Direct marketing concepts can be too vast and basic for a dissertation. Thus, the topic needs to be information specific. The research question can be such as: What techniques and strategies can a company use to target consumers? Which media platforms are the most effective at selling/promoting different kinds of products?


Internationally, business entities have undergone a rapid process of globalization and multi-nationalism. This has directly increased awareness and adaptations to the norms of different cultures. Thus, marketing considerations for goods and services offered abroad. It is an overview of international impact of both branding and marketing tactics.

Once a topic is narrowed down, pen down any thought you get as you start thinking about the topic. This is because skills such asthinking and writing are highly connected. As the writing process is begun, new concepts, ideas and ways to improve your dissertation will strike your mind.

Literature Review is report of what has already been published on the topic by qualified scholars and researchers. It provides a background to the marketingdissertation. While writing the literature review, the purpose is to acquaint the reader with knowledge and theories that have been established on your topic, and criticize its strengths and weaknesses. The literature review of thedissertation should not just be a list of the existing materials.

What distinguishes a Marketing dissertation from others broadly is the research methodology. It involves intense field work to collect data for statistics, consult varies archives, conduct surveys etc. giving it both an empiricalas well as critical approach. In such a dissertation it is important to analyzerelationshipmarketing. Relationship marketing refers “to the use of relationships rather than purely transactional means” as defined by Ivoryresearch. It is not only done in order to engage new customers to their brand, but also to generate customer loyalty that results in repeated dealing with the firm. Thus, empirical research in this case, also involves the collection of feedback apart from just numbers.

In the discussion section of a marketing dissertation, the findings and the result drawn from the research, in context with available and accessible sources have to be evaluated and discussed. Personal opinion and cumulative feedback can included here. Thus, the results accounts both monetary and relationship aspects in it.

All statistical reports and the collected data must be present in the appendices in a serialized manner.

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