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How to frame your Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a crucial component of most essays, and all dissertations and research papers. It is a single sentence that presents the central message of the entire composition as a whole. It is not the condensed expression of the composition but the axis around which it revolves.

Although it is a single statement, it gains primary importance in all these compositions. The basic aim of these compositions is to prove the thesis statement right. The topics for dissertations and research papers are way too vast, and thus it is impossible to begin working on them without deciding on athesis statement.The thesis statement is developed, supported, and explained in the composition by inclusions of evidence and illustrations.

The thesis statement is not only beneficial for the reader to understand the context and background of the discussion but, also enables the writer to be specific in his composition by limiting it to answering the thesis statement.

The process of framing a thesis statement has a number of steps:

  • Identifying a broad topic
  • Discovering a fact about the broad topic that is a problem
  • Locating the target group of the problem
  • Finding the consequence of the problem
  • Backing the consequence with evidence

On combining the outcome of the steps, the thesis statement is compiled as a specific assertion.

For Example, Dietary Habits is the broad topic.

Then the problem could be Diabetes.

Diabetes is a very serious issue, when the target group is Teenagers.

One of its Consequence is Heart Stroke.

Reports state that Heart stroke is the cause of premature death of many teenagers.

Therefore one of the thesis statement framed from the above example can be, “Due to increasing premature deaths due to Heart stroke cause by Diabetes, parents should monitor the diets of their grownup children”.

To make the thesis statement assertive and specific it must be ensured that:

  • It contains a single idea- This is a necessary condition for specificity. Including a single idea ensures its effectiveness in showing the significance the composition.
  • It includes the justification of the proposed idea- Justification of the idea being raised in the statement makes it believable to the readers and is a component of assertion.
  • It takes a stand- The idea proposed isn’t left as a consideration to the opinion of the reader. It establishes the idea as something everyone must realise.
  • It should have mixed opinions formerly- The thesis statement intends to make the readers believe in your idea. In case people already support the idea it would be ineffective to them. And if people are entirely against it then the odds of it being effective are very low.
  • Hence, the thesis statement conveys the claim before thorough exploration being offered to the reader and can be established by the use of evidence.

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