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How to find inspiration for writing an Essay?

Proceeding with writing an essay, without any inspiration or a framework of ideas, may lead to shortage of content during the writing process. In fact, you literally can't get started only because you are cluelessabout what to write, or what story you intend to tell. Its consequences are always not very acute but often leads to haphazard compositions.

An essay is usually a long writing piece, and does require a lot of content. Even shorter essays (with length specified) such as admission essays are required to be content heavy. Furthermore, an essay narrated as a story has more mass appeal, which shows the importance of structure in an essay as well. Thus, good inspiration that drives a series of ideas, which is necessary to write a good and impactful essay.

It is often said that inspiration lies around us, we only need to find it. Following are some ways that can help in finding stimulus to ideas.

Talking to Strangers

Different people have different perceptions and diversified approaches towards life. Talking to others gives us a chance to view a consequence from someone else’s eyes. It has a good possibility give rise to an idea around which the composition can be built.


Yes! The solution to think about content, is content itself. Just by looking at the way an author writes, you can come up with twists on their work and gradually transform it into an entirely new creation. Also, your own views on the topics, discussed in a particular composition, can be cumulated to form your own essay. Suggestions, feedback, limitations etc. on the work of an author can be a fresh essay as well. Hence, reading up is one of the most effective sources of inspiration.


It is often said that experiences in life are the biggest teachers. Introspection as well as retrospection can make us remind of the numerous experiences encountered by us which can help us capture ideas. Introspection is particularly useful in writing admission essays, where one has to describe himself/herself to the admission committee.

Talking to Children

Children have the purest minds and are unambiguous in their thought process. Watching how their approach towards the adult life can help you gain some inspiration. The way they interact with people and objects, is very different from an adult and can be a unique addition to the uniqueness of the composition.

Listening to Music

Music is a powerful trigger to the mind. It’s rare that we take the time to indulge in the tones and the notes of the music we listen in daily life. Listening solely to music breaks us away from instinctive thoughts and opens up the mind. Its effect restores freshness and enables us to think again from the scratch. Soothing music calms our nerves and makes thinking easier.

There’s no single part of the brain can be singularly dedicated to the art of creative writing. Our creative tanks are filled with ability to apply our skills to anything that we need to satisfy our requirement. It is important to realize our own self and determine how we can maximize our working potential. Once we identify the sources that can direct our thoughts, our creativity can easily flourish and productivity can also be optimized.

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