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How to write an essay for Undergraduate Admission?

It is true that academic grades and testing scores still get looked at first in the evaluation process for undergraduate admission. However,in today's super-competitive admissions process whereeveryone applies with strong numbers, words and actions come into play further more.

Most top universities believe that Grades and test scores, are not a true reflection of the potential and the capabilities of the applicant. Essays are an effective way for an admissions committee to analyse an applicantwithout an in-person meeting. Essays provide an invaluable opportunity to provide substance to your application that can help you distinguish yourself amongst the hundreds of applicants applying with good numbers.

Universities aim to create a vibrant, diverse, growing, and fast evolving campus community. So to be very precise, a university admission committee is interested in knowing what you have been up to besides academic involvement during your schooling. They are looking for can you contribute to campus community on the basis of your past activities.

Factors that should be considered while writing your essay:


Most universities look for an essay of about 300-500 words, which is not a lot of space to express yourself completely. Yet, this question absolutely gives you the chance to outshine others. You simply need to tell what makes you special. Alife story or a long list of things you doisnot what the committee is looking for. It is necessary that you express yourself clearly butin a believable manner. It must be made sure while proof-reading the essay that it doesn’t convey pride but a humble nature. Your essay can express a certain level of enthusiasm but it should not lead into exaggeration.


A small word limit does confuse many people regarding what to include and what not. You don’t need to tell everything about yourself. The essay should include things that could stand you out of the crowd. Qualities or habits that are beneficial to the community should be included. Social work, community building activities, part time job etc. are the most preferred criterions. You must make sure that the interests and passions you write in the essay must be balanced such as to believe that you are human. You must make sure to make the admission committee realize that they are losing on something if they don’t offer you admission.


The language used in the essay should be simple and precise. It must be made sure that sure that no statement has multiple meanings. The essay should be written in simple language and the flowery elements should be avoided. The use of literary devices should also be kept minimal. You don’t need an essay that is narrated poetically or has exotic vocabulary, unless you are applying for literature studies. The attempt should be to make the selection team realize your potential as easily as possible.

Thus, for writing an essay for undergraduate admission one doesn’t need proficiency in Language nor extraordinary creative thinking, but good presence of mind and recollection skills.

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