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How to write Scholarship Essay?

When students apply to a college/university they do have to write essays as a part of the application process. However,Inspite of being meritorious, some students cannot afford the fee of High-end universities. For this very purpose many universities/colleges offer financial aid in the more of scholarships.

Spend some time thinking before you write down the essay. Brainstorming to generate some good ideas and then defining a structure for the essay,before you start will help you get going. The judges are at times asked to review hundreds of essays. Thus, it becomes a very important job to highlight your essay so that it stands out from the rest. So use your creativity in while answering. Use stories, examples, references from events and anecdotes to give your essay a humanistic touch and demonstrate your point. Provide evidence with every claim you make. By using specifics, you’ll avoid vague ideas as well as generalized statements. This will aid in making a stronger impression.

In most applications a separate essay is required to apply for scholarship. In this easy you are required to write why do you need a scholarship and why should you be given a scholarship.

The need of a scholarship is to be emphasised more. This is because the administrator need to be convinced whether you require a scholarship, before even considering your merit. It is important to frame the essay such as to get the reader to sympathise about your case. A personal account of the hardships you have faced in previous education, financial crisis or part time work must be included in the essay. Express how your career or family would suffer a great loss if denied a scholarship.

Once you succeed in convincing the administrator that you need a scholarship then you have to prove yourself worth of the investment by the institution. This requires the mentioning of academic record, experience, extra-curricular activities, sports, social work, community worketc.Active contributions to any club, association, or civic organizationshould be emphasised since they strengthen the candidature. Skills, special projects, special knowledge,research in your area of study (including tutoring& teaching) must be mentioned.You must mention how you will contribute to the campus community on admission. This is the stage where you will be accessed on whether the university would get any benefit by offering you scholarship.

In some applications another essay is required to analyse the essay writing skills. Topics for such essays usually are “Choose a book that affected you deeply and mention why”, “Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?” etc. These essays are evaluated on the accuracy of the content and precision of the language used.

After concluding, analyse the entire piece and make sure that the tone of the entire essay is modest and not boastful, especially when it comes to achievements. Also, make sure that you have appealed to the humanitarian aspect of the judge.

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