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How to write Essay for PG Admission?

The admission essay must be unique, relevant and tailored for the course, regardless of whether you're applying for a taught Masters, research Masters or PhD. It will provide universities with proof of your skills, desire and academic ability. It must be shown that the programme and the university will benefit from your contribution as much as you'll benefit from the programme and the university.

The layout of the essay is similar to the UG application but more elaborate and precise in content


Its main aim is to capture the reader's attention with enthusiasm, positivity and intent from the very beginning.

Main body -

Express how your skills, knowledge and experience relate to the course. Around half of this section should focus on your skills, experience and interests. The other half should focus on how the course suits you best according to your interest.


Establish yourself as the ideal candidate for the programme in a powerful way. Emphasize your key selling point.

Inclusions that can strengthen the main body content are mentioned as follows.

The reason for applying to the particular university and for the course must be definite and strong. Linkyour reasonto your career goals, academic interests, aim for personal development and the university's reputation. Aspects of the course such as modules or work experience opportunitiesthat you find appealing and suitable for your growth should be mentioned.

Do stresson the role of undergraduate study in preparing you along, realizing your interests along with mentioning your independent work (e.g. dissertation) and topic interests for specialization.

Injection of personality into the statement by mentioning exactly you inspiration to study in this area or apply for this course gives a unique edge to your essay. Giving a reference to the department's specialist subjects can be effective to showcase your awareness. Ensure that you don’t show yourself up as uninformed.

Briefly highlight relevant skills of yours and your knowledge. Along with academic recordincluding grades, achievements, internships, extra credits or seminars attended, primarily during college will enable you to make an impact.

Mention the abilities that developed in areas including Informatics, dissertation analysis, numerical statistics, management, communicative skill, leadership and critical thinking, particularly in college. This is an example of how you optimized the time in college. Express that how college enhanced your skills and expect to do the same in post-graduation.

It is very necessary to state your short-term course goals, how the lead to your long-term career ambitions, and co-relating the two of them.

Things that should be avoided at all times while writing your essay:

  • Following an online template
  • Including irrelevant course modules or personal information
  • Lying or exaggerating in any statement
  • To make pleading statements
  • Needlessly flattering the organisation that you're applying to
  • Repeating information found in the application

Address the university honestly, stating your clear weaknesses, such as gaps in your education history but explain them with a positive spin. Avoid being negative at all.

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