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What are the ways to conclude an Argumentative Essay?

Although the conclusion to an essay is a very short section but it has great importance in it. The conclusion links your discussion to the Thesis Statement, which is the central idea of the essay. Since the motive of an argumentative essay is to change the opinions of readers, the conclusion becomes further more important.

The functions of a Conclusion are:

To briefly summarize the essay

Before drawing out a result from the essay it is required to mention the considerations and what factors did lead to such an outcome. Thus, the essay is briefly summarised particularly the claims emphasised by you. However, the rebuttal offered to the opposite views should not be mentioned in the conclusion.

Reinstate the Thesis Statement

This was the entire purpose of the essay; to make others believe in the thesis statement. After all evidences being presented the thesis statement is reinstated to make sure that it impacts the people. While doing this the strongest possible language should be used so that it makes a strong influence.

Give a foresight of positive/negative impacts

This is a single statement through which you make the readers paint a picture of the world if your ideas i:e the thesis statement is implemented. This is how show your perception of the discussion of the audience of the essay. Its aim is to strengthen the belief of the readers in the thesis statement.

Things to keep in mind while framing the conclusion:

The Tone

As you look to establish your views it is very important to use strong and influencial language. However, it should not venture into a rude tone or otherwise it will lose its impact.

The Length

The conclusion should not be more than 4 to 5 lines in length. This is because framing a long conclusion will loosen the impact of the argument established on the reader.

The Message

It is very important that your conclusion forces people to think only in favour of your argument. Leaving an argumentative essay open ended negates its entire purpose.

The Inclusions

It is necessary not to furnish a new idea/point or evidence in the conclusion that does not exist in rest of the essay. It is best to keep the content simple for a convincing message.

Limited Examples

It is not necessary that each and every point discussed should be illustrated with the help of examples. However, using less examples should not be confused with evidences of claims. Examples are better suited in offering counter claims/rebuttal to the opposite view.

A conclusion has a good enough role in determining the overall impact of the essay. Thus, it is very important to have a precise and crisp conclusion to enable the essay influence the readers.

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