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How to write an admission essay involving change of stream?

Changing the stream of study after high school or college indirectly changes the career plan of a person. It is very acceptable to discover the stream of study as not your domain. Thus, writing an appropriate essay might get direct admission into higher studies of the favoured stream, instead of repeating the prior course of study in a different stream.

However, getting admission in a stream different from your previous education isn’t easy either. Although, the admission essay is the major criteria for selection, the change of stream does act as a disadvantage. This is because the other applicants who have better knowledge of the subject will be preferred. However, a crisp, precise and detailed essay can negate all preferences and get admission in the desired university.

Rather than seeing it as having to "justify" the change, just explain from the heart what it is you wish to do with such a degree. Our lives present us with myriad opportunities to change course at every moment. It is the wise person who listens to their heart and goes in a direction different from the one they chose when they were themselves a different person. Tell your story. Make sure that your passion is felt by the reader. You will not be faulted for following your heart.

In case you have been involved in a multi-discipline activity which has elements of the subject you are applying for, then it must be highlighted. Any other activity done in that field can be used as an example as to how your interests changed and you developed interest in that field.

In this case it becomes further more important to describe your future plans with the proposed major. Your ambition should be definite and be described in a manner that is logical and believable. Since, you have already had a change in mind in choice of career path, it should be well asserted through the essay about your confidence and sense of belief in your decision.

However, mentioning that you had interest in the proposed subject earlier and could not take it up due to some issues shows lack of determination and indefinite goals. Instead you should mention that you had never earlier thought about it as a career option till your interests and beliefs changed. Also, it is not recommended to mention the fact of lost in interest or the reasons that led it, in the subject in the former course of study.

The essay will also include general details about choice the university and the major. Additional involvement in extra-curricular activities, achievements and community work also need to be mentioned. Although the essay does need to highlight the reason for the change in stream, it should not be the main focus of the essay. The essay should have all the inclusions of a regular admission essay as well, because you need to prove yourself to the admissions committee on the grounds of personality as well.

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