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How to write an Essay on a Case study?

The purpose of a case study is to provide a detailed evaluation on an event, life account or “case” which exemplifies a valid broader subject matter. For example, Uttarakhand Flash Floods of 2013, can be used as a case study under “Natural Disasters”.

Case studies are beneficial as they are a practical examples of a theoretical study. They help in the understanding the implication/impact of the topic by relating it with real life happenings. A case study includes a systematic way of identifying an event (in most cases), classifying it, collecting information about it, studying and analysing the data, and finally reporting the results (wherever existing). In its conclusion personal suggestions can also be included.

It is very important to follow a proper format while writing a case study, in order to make the readers understand clearly. It can be broadly termed under:

  • Problem
  • Cause
  • Effect/Impact
  • Solution/Solutions Proposed
  • Result

The Problem is basically the overview of the event or a series of interlinked happenings. However, in the case of success stories, the sea of improvement is mentioned. The problem description begins with the background information and detail of the circumstances before the occurrence of the event. Then information on successive occurrences that changed the scenario should be furnished. It is used as a framework to establish the example being related to the core context.

The Cause is a trace to identify the reason which led to the change in circumstances. The cause sometimes can be drawn from instances that occurred way in the past. It also mentions the pre-occurrences that hinted about the probability of the case. For example, in a case study of a successful sportsperson, pre-occurrences can be instances from his/her childhood which glorify agility, determination etc.

As you proceed to each idea, explain on detail your position with reference to the take, why you are taking that position, or why your belief is as such. This part is where you shoulduse as many factsas possible, as evidences to support your idea. Follow the same process for each idea.

The Effect/Impact of the problem is the most important category of analysis. This requires maximum and accurate research as well as tabulation. It is the detail of how human life and property was impacted to the series of changes that occurred. It could be seeking positive or negative influence. In case of a negative impact, the damages occurred and the hardship or pain suffered by the people should be mentioned. Whereas, in case of positive impact the development or the improvement in quality of life of the people should be mentioned. The use of statistical tools is a must in analysing the impact is a must.

The Solutions to the problem trace to the restoration of the aftermath of the changes. Solutions are also offered for prevention i:e by eliminating the cause. Restoration of any sorts requires monetary support. This money is provided by the governing bodies of that zone or charitable institutions. The scale of the restoration determines the source of funding; local bodies for small scale, central governments for a major scale and international contributions for a huge losses. A lot of times, restoration requires employment of human resource than money for example, voluntary work,

medical assistance, security establishment etc. (Not valid for case studies on success stories).Case studies on published work establish them as a solution to other problems.

A case study may also have proposed solutions that may not have been implemented yet, but are likely to be in the future.

The Result is the analysis of the effectiveness and the implementation of the solutions to the problem. In case of positive impacts, the result shows whether they have been fruitful or not, analysed ata holistic level.

A case study requires strong numbers, facts, evidence and personal accounts to support any argument. Also, in order to engage a reader it is important to use graphics, illustrations and statiscal representations.

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